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Ceramic Bisque

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What is ceramic bisque?

Ceramic Bisque is clay elements, from the Earth, which are mixed with water to form a liquid clay, called slip. This is then poured into a plaster mold. The plaster absorbs the excess water, depositing clay onto the walls of the mold. Excess slip is drained from the mold, leaving a clay shell (or Greenware) that has formed within. The clay is allowed to set until the casted piece is hard enough to be remove. The mold is then opened, separating the halves, revealing a clay shell within.

Parts are now attached, pitcher handle, arms, etc. The piece is then allowed to dry. Seam lines are now removed and any imperfections are cleaned. Greenware is then fired to remove moisture and mature the clay into a hard, durable ceramic object.

Decorating Techniques:

  No-Fired products:

  Fired products:

With ready to paint ceramic bisque, you can easily create that special piece in the color and style that is just not found any where but in your imagination! Now bring it to life, and create….
Find your favorite subject theme in ceramic bisque – dolls, carousel, chess sets, fish, birds, cats, fantasy, dragons, dishes, gargoyles, Christmas, and many others. Discover the exciting hobby of painting and decorating ceramic bisque. Take a look at our examples for inspirations of all you can create.

Always begin by rinsing your unpainted ceramic bisque piece under cold water. This rinses off dust particles and allows paint to adhere better on your piece. Do not rub any towels or anything to dry it. Wait 3 minutes and start painting even though it feels moist.

A good way to decide what you want to paint is to use a regular pencil and draw out you design. All pencil marks will burn off of your ceramic bisque during firing. Another good tool is to get some ceramic carbon paper (sold on this web site) and trace things on. The carbon paper is live on one side only and leaves a pencil like line. This too will burn off during firing.

Clear glazing your bisque piece requires caution because dried underglazes are on the powdery side. One good piece of advice is to use a good glazing fan brush (sold on this web site). When applying the clear glaze only make one pass over every area. Allow the glaze to dry and apply the second coat with one pass only. Do not keep brushing over same area for this will create a smear on the colors. Read label for specifics. Allow glaze on ceramic bisque to dry thoroughly then fire to cone 06.

As always if you have a specific problem you are welcome to email us and we will try to come up with the right solution for you.