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We Create the Finest Clay Slip Available!

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Glass Jewelry

At Ceramics of NY, we custom make glass jewelry of all styles and designs. 

Call us at 716-941-3429 or send us an email with your order today. 

Custom Made Creations

Jewelry pieces from Ceramics of NY are one of a kind, but if you fall in love with a piece of jewelry that you find, a similar piece can be created upon request. But please note: All of the pieces from Ceramics of NY are hand fabricated, so there will be minor variations. Handcrafted jewelry will include subtle differences, even when a design is reproduced. Please allow for these slight variations, as no two pieces of handmade jewelry can be identical. If you have not found quite what you’re looking for, I would be happy to work with you to create a piece of custom designed jewelry in my signature style.  

Do not hesitate to call (716-941-3429) or e-mail for more information.

About the Medium

Each individual piece of jewelry from Ceramics of NY is made from the finest art glass.  And because of the fun, unpredictable nature of glass, each piece is an adventure.